BMX to me is freestyle to the core in every single aspect possible whether it’s park, trails, street, flatland, or whatever else. As long as it’s with the right people I’m down for it all. It’s about doing whatever I want on my bike, whenever I want, on whatever I want with my own ideas and fears being the only limits. I’ve documented almost every new trick since my first one back in 2006 and everything I do today has been an ongoing extension of that. Having a dialed bike that enables all of this is paramount and allows the riding/moment to be the focus. BMX has always been literally my entire life and working with Alienation to help develop then ride parts on the cutting edge is a dream better than anything I ever imagined growing up. Hit me up and let’s ride!!

Hometown: WOOSTER, OH
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What Brant Rides

Vault | TCS Vandal | Tinman | Venus | Starship | Gripper | Prowler Lite | Foothold | Dissent | Vise Grip