This hub is out of this world. Think Retrograde Motion like the planet Venus.

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  • Patented Planetary Coaster Technology with endless coast
  • 20% lighter than Rush V3 free coaster hub
  • 6061 T6 shell & NDS jam nut
  • No gap when pedaling forward
  • Mimics a cassette hub with an added dimension
  • No oversized bearings due to low axial load, 2 6902
  • 14mm hollow male cr-mo axle
  • Pop & Go nylon hub guard(s) included
  • Hi-Low Flange
  • DS Pitch Center Diameter: 58mm
  • NDS Pitch Center Diameter: 45mm
  • DS Center to Flange: 26.1mm
  • NDS Center to Flange: 27.6mm
  • Weight: 520g, 575g (with guards)
  • Colors: Black, Polished (Brant Moore Signature)

The hub’s performance depends on the right amount of friction, provided by the O-ring rubbing on the metal spacer.

  1. Always keep the cone nuts tight.
  2. If the cassette sound is very quiet – the clutch needs cleaning (not enough friction) or the O-ring needs replacement.
  3. Don’t add/insert any grease or lube into the internals, unless absolutely required at the pawl.
  4. If the hub makes a squeaking sound, there is too much friction and the clutch needs to be lubricated with a dab of dry lube.
  5. Upon reassembly check axle point where clutch makes contact so it’s free of any lubricant.

Removal – Tap the axle through using a rubber mallet from the driver’s side so that the axle comes out from the non-drive side.