What if there is no dealer in my area?
Contact J&B Importers at (800) 666 – 5000 or go to jbi.bike

How do I decipher the 8 digit lot code on my hub?
Example 09150170; 09(year) 15(week) 0170(serial number)

How do I decipher the 10 digit lot code on my rim?
Example D378318609G2; D3783(oven No.) 18(week) 6(Day/Sat.) 09(year) G2(production line and shift)

Where are Alienation products made?
Our products are manufactured in both China and Taiwan.

How do I get a job with Alienation?
Currently, there are no positions available unless you work for free.

I see products on your website that aren’t available in my country? How can I get them?
Let your local Alienation dealer know that you want them. Distributors in different countries choose what to bring in and what not to. If you let your shop know you want a product, they will let the distributor know and if enough people do that then the distributor will probably decide to stock the product.

Can you send me free stuff?
Send us some free shit and you might get something in return.

Will Alienation sponsor me?
Send in your resume to:

support @ alienationbmx.com

Does my product have a serial number?
Sort of, all Alienation components have what’s referred to as a production date code. The codes are located in the following areas per the described products.

Hubs: located on the tip of the left flange parallel to the primary logo on the hub shell.

Post: located below the minimum insert area.

Rims: located adjacent to joint “seam”.

Tires: located inside of tire on casing.