I’m Carolis, a rider from a southern brazilian city named Porto Alegre, now living in São Paulo. I started riding BMX during the pandemic with the support of my father who was a professional rider during the 80’s, he is the one who has always motivated me to pursue this path. Me and my friend started selling brownies to help us support ourselves financially as athletes here on Brazil. Today I dedicate my time to practicing to achieve my goals on the sport. I’m two-time National vice Champion and I achieved an historical position for my country, being the first Brazilian woman to win and international medal at Bmx Freestyle Park, achieving the third place at the Pan-American Championship. Most of my free time I go out and have fun with my friends. And finally, I love BMX because of the feeling of being able to fly and pushing my limit further and further.

Hometown: Porto Alegre, Brazil
Currently In:
São Bernardo do Campo 
Other Sponsors:
TK3 Track

What Carolina Rides

Malice | Mischief | Foothold | NYC