TCS introduces a more robust, easily installed, and dependable tubeless system. A recessed channel along the center of the TCS rim allows installation off the all-new Solid Strip, which prevents tubeless tape from sagging at the spoke holes and results in a smooth, consistent interface between the tire and rim. Installation of the stout Solid Strip allows for more pliable, and easy to install, Flex Tape to provide the airtight seal needed for a tubeless system.

The TCS2.0 (Tubeless Compatible System) Mischief uses our new 4D drilling process less chamfering, of which; creates the optimal interface between spoke and rim. This exact angle reduces binding and the need for eyelets. NO RADIAL LACING. These rims are designed and drilled for 3 cross specifically. Each TCS2.0 Mischief rim comes with a valve plug for the unused valve hole (TCS rims are drilled for both TCS and Schrader).





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  • Use: Race – Front or Disc Only
  • Material: Constructed from 6069-T6 aluminum which is much stronger than 6061 alloy traditionally used in most rims (+30% tensile strength vs 6061-T6).
  • Walls: Double
  • Joint: Sleeved
  • Diameter: 406 (20”), 451 (OS20) 507 (24?), 559 (26”), 622 (29er)
  • Weight: 406 = 305g, 451 = 335g, 507 = 380g, 559 = g, 622 = g
  • Drilling: 28H, 32H(26” & 29er ONLY), 36H
  • Valve: TCS & SV
  • Sidewall: N/A
  • ERD: 406 = 387, 451 = 432, 507 = 488, 559 = x, 622 = x
  • Colors: Black, Blue, Red, Chrome