TCS introduces a more robust, easily installed, and dependable tubeless system. A recessed channel along the center of the TCS rim allows installation off the all-new Solid Strip, which prevents tubeless tape from sagging at the spoke holes and results in a smooth, consistent interface between the tire and rim. Installation of the stout Solid Strip allows for more pliable, and easy to install, Flex Tape to provide the airtight seal needed for a tubeless system.

The TCS2.0 (Tubeless Compatible System) Malice uses the most advanced drilling pattern of any bicycle rim on the market today. Our new 4D drilling with chamfer process creates the optimal interface between spoke and rim. This exact angle reduces binding and the need for eyelets. The I-Beam is distinctive, centrally located vertical support counteracts spoke loads and provides torsional rigidity. NO RADIAL LACING. These rims are designed and drilled for 3 cross specifically. Each TCS2.0 Malice rim comes with a Velo valve plug for the unused valve hole (TCS2.0 Malice rim drilled for both TCS and Schrader).



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  • Use: Race
  • Material: Constructed from 6069-T6 aluminum which is much stronger than 6061 alloy traditionally used in most rims (+30% tensile strength vs 6061-T6).
  • Walls: Double
  • Joint: Sleeved
  • Diameter: 406 (20”), 451 (OS20) 507 (24?), 559 (26”), 622 (29er)
  • Weight: 406 = 315g, 451 = 345g, 507 = 405g, 559 = g, 622 = g
  • Drilling: 28H,  36H
  • Valve: TCS & SV
  • Sidewall: CNC’d
  • ERD: 406 = 396, 451 = 441, 507 = 497, 559 = x, 622 = x
  • Colors: Black, Blue, Red, Chrome (NO CNC on C.P.)