Joey Hill

  The young Mid-western boy is no slouch when it comes to destroying ramps. He is from a strange section of Ohio between Dayton and Cincinnati that has produced some of the most amazing riders ever to put grips in their hands. Joey has been killing it on the show circuit and is a proud new father. He has made…

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Alex Landeros

  Versatility is hard to come by in current BMX riders, most seem to be sticking to one discipline of riding and attempting to make a name for them selves based on the “rules” in that discipline. Alex is different, he has professionally ridden every type of contest out there. His Vert skills are right on par with some of…

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Spy – Cassette Hub

Looking for less drag? If so, we got it with our patented six pawl system.

All six oversized pawls engage in unison whenever drive torque is applied. No other multiple pawl system on the market can ensure that all pawls are engaged at the same time. The secondary ratchet system does the coasting and forces engagement of the large pawls only for drive torque transfer.

Release date is early spring 2008…

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