Alienation BMX Tire Update

Tires have recently gone to mold. We anticipate release early spring 2008.

First to be released is the 2.0 high pressures folding street tire utilizing cap ply technology. Next, the 1.75 & 2.0 dirt tireS. Also folding with differential knobs. All tires will be 60 TPI.

More info & pics to follow…

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S&M rider Kyle Cole’s Bike Check

Kyle Cole

DOB: 12/17/80

Born In: Phoenix, Arizona

Current Living In: Costa Mesa, Califonia

Frame of Choice: 21" LTF, Raw

Sponsors: S&M Bikes, Revenge Industries, 43 Bolts, & Street Mafia BMX

Upcoming Events:

Bike Check:

Frame: S&M LTF 21"
Fork: Pitchfork XLT
Bars: Beringer XLT
Stem: Redneck XLT/ with 43 hardware
Headset: FSA Impact
Cranks: Profile 180mm/ with 43 hardware
B.B.: S&M Mid
Sprocket: S&M Tuffman 30t
Pedals: Neal Wood (Don’t Worry Be Happy)
Seat: Fit
Seat Post: Fit
Seat Clamp: Profile Slim
Front Wheel: Profile mini/ Alienation Delinquent rims
Rear Wheel: Profile Mini LHD 11t/ Alienation Delinquent rims
Front Tire: S&M Trackmark…The best tire EVER Bob!!!!!
Rear Tire: Revenge Pinner
Brakes: Revenge True Daddy’s
Brake Lever: Dirty Harry
Gyro: One that spins my Bars
Pegs: Fit Flow
Chain: KMC
Special Mods: Cut the bars, seat post and that about it everyting runs really good right out of the box!
Weight: 24lbs

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