Kyle Cole

DOB: 12/17/80

Born In: Phoenix, Arizona

Current Living In: Costa Mesa, Califonia

Frame of Choice: 21" LTF, Raw

Sponsors: S&M Bikes, Revenge Industries, 43 Bolts, & Street Mafia BMX

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Bike Check:

Frame: S&M LTF 21"
Fork: Pitchfork XLT
Bars: Beringer XLT
Stem: Redneck XLT/ with 43 hardware
Headset: FSA Impact
Cranks: Profile 180mm/ with 43 hardware
B.B.: S&M Mid
Sprocket: S&M Tuffman 30t
Pedals: Neal Wood (Don’t Worry Be Happy)
Seat: Fit
Seat Post: Fit
Seat Clamp: Profile Slim
Front Wheel: Profile mini/ Alienation Delinquent rims
Rear Wheel: Profile Mini LHD 11t/ Alienation Delinquent rims
Front Tire: S&M Trackmark…The best tire EVER Bob!!!!!
Rear Tire: Revenge Pinner
Brakes: Revenge True Daddy’s
Brake Lever: Dirty Harry
Gyro: One that spins my Bars
Pegs: Fit Flow
Chain: KMC
Special Mods: Cut the bars, seat post and that about it everyting runs really good right out of the box!
Weight: 24lbs

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