They call me Doctor. Born and raised in a small  Midwest town, I’ve stood out all my life in all aspects. Bmx was always the escape for me when I was growing up. From skateparks to streets to just pedaling around aimlessly doing hoodrat shit with my friends. Nobody cared who you were or what you did, you were just accepted because you rode bikes and had fun and that was that. I started off racing but quickly pulled towards the freestyle side of bmx and the freedom to do whatever I want. I’m not sure if it’s the small town or the endless winters but I’ve always had a lot of creativity and an endless drive to do whatever makes me happy and my riding style is just that. “He’s just doing Doctor stuff.” A quote I’ve heard from friends so many times and the best way I can describe it. As soon as I was able, I moved to Milwaukee to get closer to the bmx scene and from there it just continued to grow. Bring in a big city really helped push me even further into the bmx world. Traveling quickly followed and I found myself across the country or even globe just pedaling around doing whatever made me happy with the people I love to be around. Outside of bmx, I continued my creativity into the world of engine things. From old VWs to 3-wheelers and motorcycles, I love problem solving and building rad things. It’s all just a creative outlet for me. It also comes full circle back into bmx. One of my favorite things about Alienation is the ability to test and help perfect the parts that I use every time I ride. My style has always been very hard on parts and put things to the test. And every time I find any weakness, we work together to problem solve and design the best parts possible. 

Hometown: RIPON, WI
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What Doctor Rides

9.25 | TCS Vandal | Prowler | Vault | Spectrum | Starship | Dissent | Foot Fetish | Stooges | Illuminati | Rush V3 | Circle Jerks | E.T. Valve Caps