My name’s Bailey Koenigs. I grew up riding in a small town in Wisconsin. I’ve had a passion since I was a kid for getting out of the house and exploring on wheels, as well as building and making things. In middle school, my groups of friends and I got full access to a waste wood pile at his family’s business, as well as the tools and space to build. We spent our summers building ramps not far off from what you would expect at swamp fest, nails, holes, lumps and all. Those years engrained a synergistic passion in me that I still enjoy today. I’m forever grateful for those memories and where they’ve led me, and hope that I can share that feeling with my friends and the next generation.
After finishing up at tech school, I’ve been building custom cabinetry at a shop in the middle of Wisconsin for the last 4 or 5 years. During that time, one of my good friends bought a few cameras and we started filming, resulting in the Second Hand Stoke crew and Brady Leider’s self titled full-length.
This year I moved to Austin, TX to try and get a little better work/life balance and loving it down here. It’s been a long time coming to get myself here, thankfully I’ve got some supportive friends. Im looking forward to seeing what’s yet to come this year!

Hometown: RIPON, WI
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What Bailey Rides

Horsemen | BackLash V2 | Prowler | Vault | Spectrum | Starship | Dissent | Foot Fetish