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ALN: (Tubeless Compatible System) wheels, rims and tires provide sealant tubeless with complete compatibility to international standards.

ALN: No. You can however install and run any conventional (non-TCS) tire & tube combo on the TCS rim. In order for it to be tubeless you must mate the TCS rim & TCS tire along with the special tape, valve & fluid.

ALN: No, but the TCS tire will fit any conventional (non-TCS) rim. If installed onto a conventional (non-TCS) rim you must utilize a tube. In order for it to be tubeless you must mate the TCS rim & TCS tire along with the special tape, valve & fluid.

ALN: Actually there several different key factors. Without giving the recipe to the competition we can say it’s all in the bead. The TCS tires also utilize SPS (Sidewall Protection System). It’s a nylon breaker… which helps air retention. Tires are porous so air naturally bleeds through.

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ALN: The primary difference is the tire-well shape (internal-well). It’s a unique shape that features superior tire retention capabilities.

ALN: If the wheel is set-up under tubeless with fluid installed the fluid will seal upwards of ¼”. Beyond that you’re SOL.

ALN: Great question. The rims are fully functional and already being sold. We’re in process of designing even more TCS rims. The issue was the tires. We were having issues with bead stretch and high PSI. We’ve since design & outsourced a special bead and we’ve changed tire suppliers.

ALN: The TCS Malice is a narrow light weight race rim whereas the TCS Felon is a much wider street rim.

ALN: Overall exterior shape is the same. The internal tire-well on the TCS Felon incorporates the enhanced design. In addition we’re 4D center drilling the TCS Felon to eliminate any potential spoke pull. In the past the Felon was drilled with an offset pattern.

ALN: Yes; of course. On the newest stock will have two valve holes. The special TCS valve and a SV. This way you do not need to drill out the TCS valve to install a SV. If you’ve drilled out the TCS valve you cannot retro fit the rim to be tubeless.

ALN: The TCS rim & TCS tire will cost as much as any conventional product. The tape and valve will run approximately the same price as a tube and strip plus $10. The additional cost is the fluid so overall you’re looking at an additional USD$25.00 +/- $5. Keep in mind for that extra money you’ll have extra tape & fluid for additional set-ups down the road.

ALN: This is subjective. Without knowing what your current set-up is it’s hard to say. On average we believe ½” pound for the set. In some cases more and some less. Again it depends on what you’re set-up is now.

ALN: TCS rim & tire, tape, valve and fluid.

ALN: No. You must use the tape to create an air tight seal.

ALN: No. Ghostbusters called and they want that shit back. Our fluid is a concoction of liquid latex with extremely fine particles. It layers and coats all the micro holes in the tires. It seeks out any source that might leak and seals it.

ALN: The concept is the same overall we’ve just standardized the platform. The rim design along with the tire beads are the real difference.

ALN: It shouldn’t be an issue at all with TCS. The bead lock system developed provides superior fit and retention.

ALN: The production models being released install by hand & uninstall by hand. The key is to guide the tire beads into the center channel within the tire-well.

ALN: Because this is the industry standard for tubeless. As time progresses we’ll investigate opening the tooling for a SV. With the removable core you can get significant air flow into the tire so theoretically a SV is not needed.

ALN: 45 to 85 PSI is the designated PSI per the tire sidewall markings; however, upwards of 110 PSI should be achievable. We are still testing the extremely high PSIs so the jury is out. More soon…

ALN: All that is need is a common air pump when setting up tubeless.

ALN: No. In reality the TCS set-up with fluid holds air longer than a conventional tire tube combo. If you have to add air frequently check the valve. It may not be secured at the rim & or the core is loose.

ALN: Not necessarily changed. Over time it will breakdown (dried up or evaporate). With the removable core it’s easy to insert another oz or two without removing the tire or wheel from the bike.

ALN: Yes. For race we’ll have a 1.75 R1, 1.85 F1. Then a whole series of 24” race tires. For street a 2.1 138.

ALN: First off; TCS is TM (trade-marked). I caution anyone to be extremely skeptical if someone uses the words “BMX tubeless”. The technology we have developed will be the standard for everyone to follow. A great deal of work has gone into creating the standards & dimensions required for the system to work.

ALN: Yes! We are now in discussions with other BMX brand to license the technology. The more brands the better so consumers have choices.

ALN: This is a new drill process found on the TCS rims. Creates a prefect interface between spoke & rim. This exact angle reduces binding and the need for eyelets.

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