1. Favorite place on earth, and why? the road, because you always find amazing places and awesome people going on trips

2. If you found $100,000.00 on the street tomorrow, what would you spend it on? my mom to get a house for the 15 cats she has in an apartment!

3. Change 1 thing about BMX, what would it be? nothing, bikes rule!

4. Complete this sentence: Alienation to me is: a most excellently bodacious bicycle parts company!

5. When I wake in the morning, I often think of: what the hell did i do last night hahaha and feeding my turtles

6. Mac or PC? neither, i dont own a computer

7. Do you anticipate having replacement knee surgery by the age of 40? probably

8. Worst injury? probably breaking my tailbone, i have a gnarly “dent” in my right ass cheek and a screw to hold my tailbone together

9. Give thanks – Rob Morgan at Alienation, Leland Thurman and all my teammates at Shitluck; John Lee, Mike Erble, Dave Harrison, Steve Crandall and everyone at FBM, Mike and John and the Team Major Air foot soldiers, Susan Linerode at Freedom Skatepark, Paul Radosevich at Chenga 57, Flip and Todd at Albes, my mom and dad, Nick Beatty, Tony Smith and everybody thats ever helped me out, given me a place to stay, and given me food! thanks everybody!

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