sm_dsc5154The Utah native was lucky to grow up in one of the tightest knit scenes in America. Riding with the best will quickly sharpen skills for any human. Jonesy is not only visual on the show circuit, he is a great spokesman for getting new kids into BMX. If you ever see him at the park make sure you introduce yourself, he is one of the nicest people out there.

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  1. Jonesy is one of the 3 new flow riders added to the team along with Dylan Stark, and Maichal Juraszek. Jonesywould like to get rid of all the drama in BMX which i agree with, he is also a Mac kind of guy. Apple for life. And he also loves to ride Rays MTB Park because it is the funnest place to ride on earth.

  2. Jonesy seems to like busting a lot of air tricks, not many tech tricks or anything. He has a wicked invert, a lot of style and seems to just go big. As for the drama, it says he just loves riding, gets a little sick of people bitching at each other. Sucks that he’s already had knee surgery, but really cool that he got back into riding. Pretty sure everyone wants to go back to sleep, then ride all day, man.

  3. 1.Dylan Stark; Loves the 7-11, wants an epic bmx video game to come out, and is a “Mac Man”!!!

    2.Michal Juraszek; Would love to travel the world and shred,, received a concussion (his worst injury), & was born in Poland!!!

    3.Jonesy Fedderson; Is also a “Mac Man” , Wants to get rid of the drama in bmx, a Porsche,and would love to thank everyone and all his sponsors!

    Alienation contest
    -Kenny- p.s. alienation is my favorite companyy!!!!.

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